The Healing Experience CD Review

The Healing Experience
Grenville Richard Harding and Jane Weeden

Classical music remains on the edge of mainstream worship in the 21st century. Yes, some churches might experiment with a “special night” of Classic FM-style sacred sounds, but that will be it for the year. Then it’s back to guitar and piano-based popular praise every Sunday.

However, there are a few faithful pilgrims who dare to draw on these deeper wells of worship. They include Sussex-based composer Grenville Richard Harding, who has just released a new CD entitled “The Healing Experience”.

Clearly a master of his art, Grenville throws everything into what is effectively a sung liturgy for a personal or indeed, corporate, healing service. Jane Weeden supplies the soprano to a grand orchestral soundscape, guiding the listener through key passages and prayers for healing.

Some tracks work better than others, but the concept generally works well in leading us on a journey of restoration. It starts with a triumphant note of praise, and then lingers by pools of reflection with beautiful refrains when Jane gently chants, “Have mercy on me” and “Lord, heal our wounds. By your mercy come”. The experience lifts again with the powerful declaration, “The joy of the Lord is my strength”.

At times the orchestra is a little too heavy. Some of the arrangements pack some punch! But having said that, this album leaves the listener with a lingering wistfulness. You want to return to it again and again, to receive the assurance of God being with us in our suffering.

Classical music has a strong link with church history, and Grenville will be the first to admit he stands on the shoulders of giants. “It comes from the precedence of Bach and the entire Western tradition,” says Grenville on his website. “Music only became secular in the past couple of hundred years. So I believe that the Western tradition is actually the tradition of worshipping God.”

– Clive Price [Original Article Here]

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New CD ‘Healing Experience’ for high soprano and orchestra composed by Grenville Richard Harding, soprano Jane Weeden.

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